Unibet Offer Code


Unibet is a Swedish bookmaker which has been operating since 1997 and has become one of the giants of online betting. Operating unibet-offers1initially only in the Scandinavian market, the platform quickly expanded, counting now millions of players worldwide and operating on virtually every continent. The worldwide fame, respect and satisfaction levels did not come out of nowhere. Unibet operates in complete agreement with existing legislation, and is, therefore, an active member of almost all the regulators of online gambling in Europe, such as the European Gaming and Betting Association, the Remote Gambling Association, and is audited and certified by eCOGRA, which assures fair play. Thus, Unibet is one of the few bookmakers that does not require any type of offer codes for the site’s games. Offer codes are an old and obscure way of drawing in new players. Unibet works in other clearer ways to reward their clients.

Why Did Unibet Abolish Offer Codes?

In general terms, offer codes are “special” codes meant to grant those who use them with extra money and appealing discounts. The codes are usually available at third-party platforms and websites and designed to be used somewhere else. To obtain these codes, the person needs to look for them and then sign up for the services of this third-party platform. The codes often display stringent rules for their utilisation. In other words, offer codes are not unique at all. They are merely a marketing strategy to improve the business relationship between two parties. As one of the most popular and trustworthy online gaming platforms, Unibet decided to abolish offer codes. At their website, there are plenty of ways in which their customers can have discounts and free spins. Third-party offered bonuses, promotional or offer codes are obsolete and draw away the focus from what is really important; having fun while playing. Client-centred Unibet is a popular website, with thousands of satisfied customers, and chooses to provide benefits and promotions to all their clients, instead of just a few who got an offer code.

Unibet Offers

The Unibet online gaming platform chooses to offer a variety of promotions to all their customers, not only those who waste their time looking for coupons. The offers can be accessed on the Promotions tab at Unibet’s website and include Welcome Offer, Sports Offers, Casino Offers, Bingo Offers, Poker Offers, and Refer a Friend offer.


Welcome Offer

Many people may feel overwhelmed, with the feeling that they are being deceived; “why are they offering me stuff if I just signed up?”. Unibet welcome bonuses are clear and were created to benefit their clients and obviously to benefit Unibet. By offering welcome bonuses, Unibet can generate more revenue, which, in turn, is used to create new exciting games and new promotions continuously, as well as to improve the already existing technology. The Unibet welcome bonus is client-focused. Upon registering and making their first deposit at Unibet, the new members will be automatically offered the so-called deposit bonus. A second offer becomes available, and it regards the poker bonus; after signing up for Unibet poker, the client will be allowed to have extra money and freerolls to play in this Unibet category.

Here is a summary of what players need to do to get their welcome offer:

  • Become a member: this simple procedure can be done from a PC, laptop or mobile phone, at Unibet’s website. On-the-go technology lovers can additionally make full use of the Unibet app on their smartphones.
  • Go to the registration option; here the users are asked to fill in their personal details and confirm their registration using a link sent to their email. All personal data is protected by SSL encryption.
  • Save the username and password; once the registration process is complete, the new members are advised to save their username and password to ease future logging in.
  • Make the first deposit and start playing; this is the final step of the registration, and here the new client should indicate their preferred payment method and make the first deposit. At this point, they will be offered their Unibet welcome bonus.

Refer a Friend Offer

Unibet’s clients can also take advantage of the “Refer a Friend” offer, which is a tremendous opportunity to tell friends and family about Unibet. The way it works is straightforward, and once again, no offer codes are needed. All that is necessary is for the player (already a member of Unibet) to sign up for the refer a friend offer, invite up to 10 friends, and once a friend meets the wagering requirements (i.e., registration and first deposit), the player will be automatically rewarded with bonuses. The bonuses can be used in all Unibet’s game categories. Needless to say, the referred friend will also be entitled to a welcome offer. Once more, simple and no annoying codes needed!

Sports, Casino, Bingo and Poker Offers

Unibet players are there to win. It’s their competitive nature, which fuels them to keep playing online. Therefore, Unibet created other offers (that do not require special codes) for all of their current customers. Regardless of the type of games someone plays, there always unibet-offers3many different prizes to be conquered in all the gaming categories. The prizes include free spins, extra money, and game tickets. These offers also promote multiplayer interaction. Yes, at Unibet, players can compete against one another. The player who has the highest score can be rewarded with the final prize. Unibet recommends the players to keep an eye on the Promotions section and never miss an opportunity.

Terms and Conditions

Unibet operates in complete agreement with the existing legislation, and is an active member of almost all the regulators of online gambling in Europe, and is audited and certified by eCOGRA, an association which secures fair play. All customers are advised to read and understand the terms and conditions once they sign up as new members of Unibet, and every time they sign up for an offer. Unibet has transparent services to promote responsible and legal gambling; thus, in case of doubt, please contact Customer Service.